past exhibitions


Special Exhibition
Tokuoka Shinsen - His Profound Inner World -
<October 13 (Sat), 2018 - November 25 (Sun), 2018 >
The current exhibition presents the characteristics of Shinsen's art, featuring his masterpieces after World War II, where he reached his own world. We sincerely hope you'll take this opportunity to have a meditative time by looking at his works, which were painted earnestly by Shinsen who dedicated himself to pursue the truth in silence.
The Scene that Japanese-Style Painters in Kyoto Draw
Selected Works from Rantokaku Art Museum
<June 28 (Thu) , 2018 - September 30 (Sun), 2018 >
The current exhibition features works by Kyoto-based artists selected from the modern and contemporary paintings housed in the Rantokaku Art Museum. It presents the works in the Showa period by Heihachiro Fukuda, Chikkyo Ono, Kayo Yamaguchi, etc. as well as the contemporary art by Koichi Takeuchi, Nobuyoshi Watanabe, Rinko Okamura, etc., in order to cast their representation of flower-and-bird, landscapes, and figures in a fresh light, in Kinugasa, Kyoto.
Special Exhibition
Insho-Domoto -The Challenge Throughout His Creations-
<March 21 (Wed) , 2018 - June 10 (Sun), 2018 >
The Insho Domoto Museum of Fine Arts was founded by Insho DOMOTO (1891-1975) who was a painter of Japanese-style and a recipient of the Order of Cultural Merits. It opened in October, 1966 and reopened as Kyoto Prefectural Insho Domoto Museum of Fine Arts in1992.
It has been familiar to everybody with not only showing Insho's works of art but also holding various exhibitions under the theme of Japanese-style painting. Kyoto prefecture has renovated the architecture on a large-scale since 2017 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of its foundation.