Exhibition The Most Attractive Figure - Girls, Ladies and Maiko Girls in Kyoto Who Dressed Well -
Session April 3 (Wed) - May 19 (Sun), 2019
Closed Monday (Open on public holidays, but closed the next day)
Open Hours 9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  (Please enter the building at least 30 minutes before closing time..)
  one person Groups(20+)
Adults 500YEN 400YEN
University students
High school students
400YEN 320YEN
Junior high school students
Elementary school students
200YEN 160YEN
Organizer Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto Prefectural INSHO-DOMOTO MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, Kyoto Shimbun
- Exhibition/ Main Building

The Most Attractive Figure
- Girls, Ladies and Maiko Girls in Kyoto Who Dressed Well -

Female figures depicted with colorful, gorgeous costume have been broadly popular as one of the main subjects of Japanese-style painting. Kyoto, especially, has nurtured a unique sense of aesthetic without parallel, because the elegant textile industry has developed and the culture of entertainment districts is still vibrant. Japanese-style painters based in Kyoto, being in touch with this atmosphere more than a little, painted a number of attractive female figures, making full use of their sensibility.

The current exhibition presents women figures painted by Japanese-style painters who were active in Kyoto during the Taisho, Showa and Heisei periods.
For example, lovely young girls, fascinating women, and graceful Kyoto maiko (apprentice geisha), painted by Keigetsu Kikuchi, Daizaburo Nakamura, Toshiko Mitani, Fuku Akino, Ryohei Miwa and others can be seen.

Highlights at this exhibition are not only female beauty generated by their exquisite postures and facial expressions, but costume designs with traditional patterns such as flowers-and-birds, living stream, stripes, and kasuri (woven pattern) in modern colors.
Additionally the original drawings of the posters of "Miyako Odori", which is still now a seasonal event in spring in Kyoto, are also exhibited.

We hope you'll enjoy a world of various female figures pursued by each artist.