Exhibition The World of Ryushi Kawabata
- Nihonga of Energy and Innovation -
Session October 12 (Sat)-November 24 (Sun),2019
Closed Monday (Open on public holidays, but closed the next day)
Open Hours 9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  (Please enter the building at least 30 minutes before closing time..)
  one person Groups(20+)
Adults 510YEN 400YEN
University students
High school students
400YEN 320YEN
Junior high school students
Elementary school students
200YEN 160YEN
Organizer Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto Prefectural INSHO-DOMOTO MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, Kyoto Shimbun
- Exhibition/ Main Building
- The First Retrospective of Ryushi Kawabata in an art facility of Kyoto after Ryushi's death -

Ryushi Kawabata(1885-1966) was a Japanese-style painter active in Tokyo, known as an artist who promoted the creation of "sound art with a strong will." He created his own style innovative and dynamic, free from the tradition of Japanese-style painting.

"Seiryusha", a Nihonga organization led by Ryushi, became one of dominant groups in the Japanese art world, even in parallel with the Japan Art Acadmy Exhibition (Teiten) or the Japan Art Institute Exhibition (Inten).

The Insho-domoto Museum of Fine Arts currently holds an exhibition which retrospects Ryushi's artistic work, gathering his masterpieces from his early period to later years.

This exhibition presents Ryushi's works on the subject of Kyoto as well as his works of "Kaijo Geijutsu (or art for a large space)", which Ryushi advocated. We also introduce some of works by the artists of the Seiryusha associated with Kyoto.

We hope you'll enjoy the art of Ryushi in the museum built by Insho Domoto(1891-1975) who was active in the West at the same time as Ryushi in the East.