The museum is located in the northwestern Kyoto, near Kinugasa hill and the area between Kinugasa and Omuro with rich environment of nature and history.
Many temples and shrines were built along this road, called "Kinukake-no-michi", including the Kinkakuji temple and the Ninnaji temple, one of the World Cultural Heritage Site.
The works of Insho Domoto(1891-1975), the great Nihonga painter, are preserved and displayed in the museum.
Although Insho left many works of his carrer, following the various development of his painting style from traditional Japanese paintings to an abstract paintings, those continued stimulating intense for Japanese painting circles.
The museum was built in 1966 by Insho Domoto designing all the interior and the exterior.
The museum was presented to Kyoto Pref. in August, 1991, and was newly opened as "Kyoto Prefectural Insho-domoto Museum of fine Arts" in April, 1992, and has resulted by the end of today.

- Closed days
The Museum is closed on Mondays.
( If a national holiday falls on Monday, the Museum is open on that day and is closed on the following day. )
Year end and new year holidays (12/28-1/4)
The museum will be temporarily closed for change of display.

* However
October 10 - open, October 11- closed

- Open Hours
9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Last Admission at 4:30p.m.)

- Address
26-3 Kamiyanagi-cho, Hirano Kita-ku, Kyoto, Japan 603-8355
TEL 075-463-0007     FAX 075-465-3099     MAIL

- Admission
  one person Groups (20+)
Adults 510YEN 400 YEN
University students
High school students
400 YEN 320 YEN
Junior high school students
Elementary school students
200 YEN 160 YEN

*Group:20 people or more
*consumption tax included
*The people of 65 or more years old (The proof which can check age is shown) or People with a physically handicapped persons' card etc becomes no charge for admission.