Exhibition Chatty pictures; Let's imagine !
- the sound, voice, and conversation of Insho's works -
Session June 2 (Tue)- September 22 (Tue / holiday), 2020
Closed Monday (Open on public holidays, but closed the next day)
*Note: However, open on August 10 and September 21, closed on August 11
Open Hours 9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  (Please enter the building at least 30 minutes before closing time..)
  one person Groups(20+)
Adults 510YEN 400YEN
University students
High school students
400YEN 320YEN
Junior high school students
Elementary school students
200YEN 160YEN
Organizer Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto Prefectural INSHO-DOMOTO MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, Kyoto Shimbun
- Exhibition/ Main Building

Insho Domoto, over nearly sixty years of his artistic practice, produced a large number of paintings on a wide variety of subjects such as flowers and birds, figures, landscapes, Shinto and Buddhist deities, and abstracts.

The current exhibition focuses on human figures appearing in Insho's paintings. From each scene unfolded under themes of all ages and cultures, various sounds and voices may be heard: conversations and whispers of not only our contemporaries but also historical figures, deities, and even mountain hermits!

Let's ask what kind of situation or relationship those figures, each (he/she) with a different expression, have. And let's imagine the sound and voice which nearly sounds. We hope, by doing so you can feel more affinity with Insho's works.